How To Promote Good Oral Hygiene For Kids

Baby teeth may not be a permanent part of a childs smile, but they still require regular care at the dentists office and at home. Parents play a large role in ensuring that childrens teeth get the cleaning and nutrition Dental Veneers they need while establishing good oral care habits for a lifetime with a healthy smile. Here are just a few of the ways that parents can do their part in these tasks. Avoid high-sugar foods Sugar is a natural enemy to the teeth, as it sticks to the tooth enamel where it may feed damaging plaque and tartar. Therefore, it is best to keep sugary foods and beverages out of the home so they are considered special treats rather than regular snacks. Healthy alternative food choices that children tend to enjoy as snacks include sliced fruit, yogurt, and whole wheat crackers with peanut butter. Set a positive example Parents who practice good dental care habits at home tend to have more success encouraging these habits in their children. Brushing and flossing can be a family activity, and it may even be accompanied by a rhyme or song to get kids more excited about keeping their teeth sparkling clean. Purchase kid-friendly oral hygiene products Kids may not have a taste for standard mint toothpaste, but there are a number of toothpaste flavors that are more appealing to young children.
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Oral Hygiene Activities for Special Needs Children

Photo Credit A child brushing its teeth before going to bed image by Mykola Velychko from Every child needs to learn how to brush and floss. A child with special needs may require an extra boost when it comes to learning proper oral hygiene.
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